6-year-old Weehawken boy wins Grammy and walks red carpet in Las Vegas

It’s not every day a kid takes the stage to pick up a Grammy, let alone a six-year-old from Weehawken, but that’s exactly what happened to Ayan Shah when the 64th Annual Grammy Awards was broadcast live in Las Vegas. April 3.

Ayan is like any other child. He loves playing with Legos and with his little sister, but he also loves music, whether it’s Disney songs, The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”, The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”, or even playing the piano . The Weehawken boy has been taking voice lessons for a year.

Ayan’s Grammy award comes for her performance on New York-based Indian artist Falu’s children’s album “A Colorful World.” The music on the album draws inspiration from South Asian music and musical styles and celebrates diversity with people from all walks of life. Ayan sings on three of the tracks on the album. “A Colorful World” was released in fall 2021 and was nominated in November.

Ayan’s opportunity to perform on the album came through a family contact. He was the youngest child to perform on “A Colorful World”. He went to the Grammy’s with his father, Akash Shah, and they both attended the premiere ceremony and telecast the same night. Ayan took the stage with two other children who performed on the album, as well as Falu.

“It was a completely different world to be there, very different from what we were used to,” Shah said. “It was his first foray into something vaguely similar to that sort of show. I don’t think he quite grasped the concept of what a Grammy was, he’s too young to have watched, but he understood that it was an award given for the album he was part of.He was very excited throughout the weekend.

Ayan spent her time walking the red carpet, sitting out front at the Prime Minister’s ceremony, and hanging out backstage taking photos. His kindergarten class threw him a big party when he got back.

“I think the most important thing now is that he’s more motivated than ever to keep making music and singing,” Shah said. “It was kind of a backwards experience because normally you work hard for years and years to get to the best venues. And here we do it backwards starting with the MGM Arena It was surreal.

In addition to singing on “A Colorful World” and receiving the Grammy for it, there have been smaller performances here and there for the six-year-old. He recently performed with School of Rock in Hoboken.

Ayan goes to school at Stevens Coop in Jersey City, and while it hasn’t been announced or made official, he may be the youngest to ever receive a Grammy Award. An official statement has yet to be made.

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