Best Friends Ella Henderson and Anne-Marie Can’t Work Together Because They Are “Too Drunk”


Singer Ella Henderson revealed that when she and her best friend Anne-Marie met they would order a bottle of Malibu and get drunk … which could explain why they never produced music together

Ella Henderson says she thinks she and Anne-Marie could make “great” music together

We all know how out of control things can get when you meet your best friends.

And singer Ella Henderson says she couldn’t work with fellow singer Anne-Marie because they always get too drunk.

“We’re on the same label and she’s a great companion,” she told me.

We haven’t really talked about working together, but we should.

“Every time we get together, we just order a bottle of Malibu and get drunk. We are cheap dates.

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Anne-Marie has been approached to sign for the next series of Strictly


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Ella has just released her latest single from her new album



Despite their fondness for coconut liqueur, Ella adds, “I think we could come up with something big. You’ve put the idea in the universe now, so if that happens, you can get the credit.

Ella’s latest single, Brave, is out now while her new album, Everything I Didn’t Say, will be released on March 11.

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie has just won the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special and is expected to sign for next year’s show.

Former X Factor star Ella has also befriended TV chief Gordon Ramsay.

She says, “Gordon and I are practically neighbors. He’s the cutest guy ever. “He keeps inviting me to his restaurant, The Lucky Cat, so we’ve had dinner several times.”

Gordon has also just released his own wine, so they can have fun together …

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