BLM and Travel Nevada launch photo contest

The Bureau of Land Management Nevada‘s 2021 Photo Contest is underway in partnership with Travel Nevada, and BLM Nevada will be accepting submissions for its annual photo contest until September 15.

“Nevada is a state full of the great outdoors, harsh landscapes and rugged hinterlands,” said Brenda Scolari, director of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. “Protecting our beautiful landscapes is extremely important to ensure that future generations enjoy our land as much as we do today. We can’t wait to see how photographers bring our beautiful landscapes to life through their photo lenses during this year’s photo competition.

Information on the rules and how to submit photos can be found on the BLM Nevada website at BLM% 20Photo% 20Contest% 202021% 20guidelines .pdf

Photos that demonstrate love for the land, including responsible recreation, are sought after.

People Exploring Nevada: Share photos of activities and adventures on BLM lands across Nevada… volunteering, working, camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding and more. Remember to try to grasp what it means to be a true Nevada recreationist dedicated to leaving the land better than you have found it.

From recreationists to know-how: Share photos of the adventure that reflects #KnowledgeBeforeYou Go to public lands. Judges are looking for visitors who know how to recreate responsibly.

Weird and Wild: Take a walk on the wild side with photos of wildlife, wilderness, and wildflowers.

BLM and Travel Nevada employees are eligible.

“As we haven’t held this contest for a few years, we are confident that many of our visitors will submit exceptional photos of our public lands,” said Jamie Fields, Manager of the Outdoor Recreation Program at BLM Nevada. “We can’t wait to see the best of the best. “

For more information about the competition, contact Rita Henderson at 775-861-6471 or [email protected]

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