Caesars Closed Shows Face Thousands In Charging Fees

Caesars Entertainment issues cover fees for shows they just closed – when they leave their respective theaters.

Anthony Cools’ comedy-hypnosis production, “Friends: A Musical Parody”, “Sex Tips”, in the former Cools theater in Paris Las Vegas; and “Crazy Girls” at the Sin City Theater were all tasked with paying the loading costs by the venue’s parent company.

Césars officials informed those shows, with little to no warning, that their venues were closing immediately on Thursday. The company went on Wednesday with formal letters outlining the departure terms, which include the amount owed for loading costs.

So, Cools confirmed on Wednesday that its costs were $ 2,622.24. John Bentham of Ivory Star Productions, which has the “Friends” show, is billed $ 1,748.16. Producer of “Crazy Girls” Norbert Aleman has a fee of $ 6,992.64 owed to Caesars Entertainment. “Sex Tips” producer Matt Murphy says he pays $ 1,800 to leave.

The cost of “Chippendales” to produce Rio or The Tenors of Rock is not confirmed. The shows at Cleopatra’s Barge, where Wayne Newton and Dionne Warwick were headliners, had little to no equipment inside the venue and appear exempt.

Bronx Wanderers co-producer Alan glist said he had not been advised of any charges for the deed leaving Harrah’s showroom, which actually remains open. Glist is also doing business with Césars with “Menopause The Musical”, which just learned Thursday that it would reopen on July 22.

Another production team with a show closing is Stabile Productions, led by Mast and Angela Stable. The couple declined to comment when asked if they were charged with the closure of “X Rocks” in Bally’s under construction Back Room. Stabiles team up with Caesars in ongoing shows Piff the magic dragon and “X Burlesque” at Flamingo Las Vegas, and also “X Country” at Harrah’s Cabaret, which alternates with “Menopause”.

Bentham said he was well aware of the contractual provision of the deal he signed with Caesars. Of course, there are mitigating factors permeating the closing of his show. “Friends” had organized a total of six performances in five days at the Cools Theater before being ordered to close on March 14, 2020.

Similar to other productions that have been closed, “Friends” has had no income in the past 16 months, and no money available to shell out to offset loading costs.

“We had no opportunity to make money or reopen, we had advertising contracts to pay, we had to pay the actors until the end of the week when we closed,” Bentham said on Thursday. . “We understand the contract. But the catch is, we never got a chance to plan this, save the money for it. It’s like, you closed it, you chose not to reopen and you’re asking us to leave? “

Caesars Entertainment has the contractual right (and would likely support the company’s commitment) to collect these fees.

A spokesperson for the company said in a statement: “These costs are an integral part of our entertainment contracts, which are negotiated with every show before the deal is concluded. The estimated cost communicated to these producers relates to the manpower that must be brought in each time a show comes or goes, whatever the case may be. “

As of the estimates, as of now, Caesars Entertainment’s total loading costs are between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000. Or the equivalent of a healthy Wheel of Fortune jackpot at Bally’s.

Evacuation charges are to cover union labor costs in effect at the Caesars complexes that house the closed sites. However, Bentham said his own crew of five (including himself) did all the heavy lifting of his equipment on Wednesday. “It took two hours,” he said. Two unionized workers were on site the entire time, focused on separating from the rest of the Cools Theater.

Cools is a Vegas headliner veteran who has certainly seen his fair share of problems in the entertainment industry. He commented: “I am grateful for my 17 years with Caesars. Bill of charge or not, I take the high road. I will always cherish my time here. There will never be a problem. “

Murphy said he budgeted for the outing fee.

“It seems like a kick in the teeth for some producers, but I didn’t immediately see it that way,” Murphy said in a phone conversation Thursday. “Morally it may seem like the business is beating a dead horse, but for me it’s usually a headache to move. Everything has to be taken apart and people get it back. When you see it that way, it’s actually sort of okay. I am actually under budget. “

Aleman chuckled as he recounted the letter from Caesars Entertainment.

“My show has been running for 34 years, and just (Wednesday) I get this letter, saying I have to pay $ 7,000 to leave,” Aleman said. “They gave me 48 hours, but I can’t move all this equipment in 48 hours. I have a 2000 pound statue of butts from my cast that needs to be loaded onto a platter. I need more time and I am grateful that they are giving me that time. “

Bentham said he too was grateful that “Friends” at least entered the venue initially in Paris. But it would have been nice if his business partner cut him off on the exit.

“We were in a mutually beneficial partnership, but due to the circumstances it would have been great to waive these fees,” he said. “It would have been the right thing to do.”

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