League of Women Voters to Host Black History Program in Henderson County The Henderson County League of Voters will host a black history show in Hendersonville on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 3 p.m. The show will star Ronnie Pepperand Suzanne Hale of the Henderson County Black History Research Committee. …

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Governor DeSantis must go after the GOP fringe

Govt. Ron DeSantis has no trouble saying what he thinks when he thinks it is necessary, or even sometimes when it is not. He now has a clear opportunity to use his voice forcefully in public service to all of Florida’s people. He should tell the fringe of his Republican …

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Can Michel be started when Darrell Henderson is active?

With Darrell Henderson out last week, Sony Michel demonstrated why the Rams dropped a fourth and sixth round pick in August. Michel is a stabilizing force in an injury-prone backfield. With Henderson’s expected return today, what can be fantasy football do managers expect Michel? The Sony Michel hype vs. Sony …

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