Community Sports: Season Champions Crowned at Nevada Speedway (09/15/21)

Scott Mohlfeld poses in Victory Lane after winning his 13th Outlaw 4-Cylinders race of the season, capping a perfect summer in which his 1,300 points also earned him class;

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

Nevada Speedway waved its checkered flag for the 2021 points season on Saturday, with six drivers taking the win as track champions.

Scott Mohlfeld concluded his perfect Outlaw 4-Cylinders season with another victory, his 13th of the year, earning him an unbeatable 1,300 points for the season. Mike Baxter of Sheldon came second in the final race and in the standings with 1,177 points. Rocky Stone finished third in the race and fourth overall (542 points). Brandon Stone was fourth and Tim Stone was fifth (in race and overall). Coby Burchett of the Liberals was third in the category with 744 points.

Jordan Beard celebrates his victory on Saturday and his overall victory in Midwest Mods.

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

Liberal Matt Rose took advantage of a second place Saturday in the B-Mods race to win this class with 1,276 points. Joe Cummings finished second overall (960), followed by Ryan Hill (916) and Scotty Bough of Nevada (829) ?? who won Saturday’s race. Dustin Biesley was third in the race, Kenny Pike fourth and Daniel Long fifth (also on points with 630).

Brandon Douty poses in the victory lane after winning Saturday’s Street Stocks race (Dale Douty won the class).

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

Nevada rookie Tyler Lehmann held on in the final month of the season to win the Pure Stocks Championship with 1,253 points. He took third place in Saturday’s race. Travis Farmer finished second overall (1,147) and fifth in the final race. Corey Cagle was third in points (968), Raymond Sworde fourth (915) and Jerry Wheeler fifth (807). Joshua Parcell passed Chris Diamond late to win Saturday’s race. Gage Hooper was fourth.

Eric Schmidt won the Mini Stocks race (Rick Andres won the class).

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

Midwest Mods was owned by the Barbs, with Jordan Beard winning both Saturday’s race and the overall points standings (1,178). Joe Beard was second in points (1052), followed by Andrew Crockett (914), Jack Owens (855) and Norman Macckley (758). Steve Tiedeman finished second in his first Speedway race on Saturday. Kenny Hubbard was third, Caden Bolin fourth and Ronnie Coulter fifth.

In Mini Stocks, Eric Schmidt won a stormy race against Ty Davis (second place), Kody Price (third), Rick Andres (fourth) and Billy Pearce (fifth). Andres drove Tracy Tate’s car to keep his points, which paid off in the form of a championship season in the category (1055). Josh Barker was second overall (1,003), followed by Price (797), Tate (512) and John Willard, Sr. (500).

Scotty Bough won the B-Mods race (Matt Rose won the class).

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

The Doutys performed their duties in Street Stocks, with Brandon Douty winning Saturday’s race and finishing second overall (928). Dale Douty won the class with 1,103 points. Chris Kircher finished third overall (907), Clayton Brown was fourth (559) and Arley Orcutt completed the top five (397). James Nighswonger finished second in the race, Billy Shadden finished third, Nelson fourth and Brown fifth.

Josh Parcell won the Pure Stocks race (Tyler Lehmann won the class).

Photo courtesy of Norma Davis

The Speedway also hosted a Midwest Lightning Sprints race on Saturday ?? which Chase Fischer of Jefferson City won ahead of Chasity Younger, 13, who was second. Trice Roden was third, followed by Mike Tindell fourth and Jeff Bard fifth.

The track will continue to host races, starting at 7 p.m. Saturday with a full roster as well as Powder Puff races.

Chase Fischer won the checkered flag in the Midwest Lightning Sprints.

Photos courtesy of Norma Davis

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