Davante Adams shrugs off Green Bay comparisons amid adjustment period with Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders

HENDERSON, Nev. — Davante Adams was targeted 17 times by Derek Carr and came away with 10 catches for 141 yards in his debut for the Las Vegas Raiders in their season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Since then, Adams has been targeted 17 times total and has seven catches for 48 yards, in losses to the Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans, with the Denver Broncos in town this weekend.

And while many wonder why Adams, acquired in a blockbuster trade to the Green Bay Packers for first- and second-round picks in March before getting a five-year, $140 million extension, has apparently become a forgotten man in Las Vegas, he insists no one “trippin” this early in the season.

“All the people in Green Bay will definitely still be on this, trying to compare stats and stuff,” Adams said Wednesday. “But we’re not doing this for the stats at the end of the day.”

Adams insisted the inconsistent three-game production was simply part of a period of adjustment into a new system with an old friend in Carr, his college quarterback at Fresno State, after eight years in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers.

“No one gets played [defensively] like the way I’m played in the National Football League. Obviously we’ve been playing pro ball together – Aaron and I – longer than what me and Derek have, so it was a bit more progressive than it was,” Adams said of the learning to coexist with Rodgers as a professional.”[Derek and I] jumped straight into the fire, had a few one-on-one opportunities in week one and got 17 targets. So now people are changing, obviously, and we have to change some things too.

“[There’s] ain’t gonna be a bunch of times [defenses are] just gonna go a tall, single man around the corner. In a perfect world, we would like that… but it’s going to be different because in the past, when it happened, we found a way to find the one-on-one game. There will be many more clouds [coverage] and double teams and different things like that with a lot more focus for me, and I think we’re trying to figure out the best way to attack that and still be able to be productive in the passing game as well , myself and for everyone else too. So a little tweak, but whatever everyone is talking about has nothing to do with what’s actually going on.”

First-year coach Josh McDaniels said it was a “process” for Adams and Carr.

“They didn’t see that together when they played before in college,” McDaniels said. “That’s not what happened. So they get these different things, and some that Davante is more used to because he’s been played a bit more like that. And now it’s up to them both. to get used to it together. We have a responsibility to help these two guys continue to be productive as well. So we’re all in this together.

And while Adams’ overall production has declined — his 50% catch rate so far this season pales in comparison to his 72.78% and 77.18% his last two seasons in Green Bay, according to NextGen Stats – the five-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro had a touchdown in each of the Raiders’ first three games.

“It’s not like he wasn’t there,” Carr said. “But we see a lot of different covers [and] people try to take it away in different ways. And we talked about it before the season – I said we were going to see a trend.”

A trend, with Pro Bowlers like slot catcher Hunter Renfrow, who caught 103 passes last season, and tight end Darren Waller, who had 107 receptions in 2020, of different pass catchers having alternate great days. Mack Hollins had single-game career highs for catches (8) and receiving yards (158) at Tennessee.

Even though Adams, who is on pace for 96 receptions, has averaged 119 catches the previous two seasons.

“It is a testimony of [Hollins’] ability and his work ethic, Carr said. “It’s also a testament to Davante and Darren, pulling the blanket and bringing people in so Mack can have that opportunity. And Davante knew when he came here… he was going to have other guys who could have football too.”

Still, Carr is 10 for 14 for 102 yards with two touchdowns and seven first downs when he targets Adams in the first half of games, just 7 for 17 for 87 yards with a touchdown and an interception and five first downs after halftime. , according to ESPN Stats & Information. He’s just 2 for 10 targeting Adams in the fourth quarter.

All of this suggests that Carr is over-correcting trying to spread the ball.

Carr shook her head.

“Ultimately, I’m going to listen to Josh, my progress and what he tells me in-game,” Carr said. “We try to set things up to get the ball in a certain place and that takes repetition. It takes time. It’s only been three games for us to play together, again. It didn’t been so bad.”

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