Downtown Reno Cathedral nominated for National Historic Designation

If approved, the cathedral complex would join a long list of nationally recognized historic places around the city of Reno. Councilor Jenny Brekhus presides over the parish where the church is located.

“This is just an opportunity to thank the Diocese for its continued stewardship of this magnificent gem and for taking it to the next level in its preservation efforts,” said Brekhus.

The designation would open the doors for the church complex to receive funds from private foundations to restore part of the building. This includes rebuilding the stairs from the main entrance and securing the stained glass windows. Above all, Father Chuck Duranty says updating the facade of the school building is a top priority.

“It’s starting to fall apart, so we’ve secured it now for security reasons, but we have to do it again,” Duranty said.

The cathedral has burned down several times since its initial founding. Its current brick and mortar version was completed in 1909. The only things that remain of the original are the arcades and bell towers.

Church leaders are hoping, along with the opportunity to fundraise for restoration efforts, to raise awareness of the historic relevance of downtown Reno.

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