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CENTENNIAL, Colorado (AP) – A former Nevada prison inmate has been convicted of first degree murder in the 1984 hammer and knife murders of three Colorado family members, including a 7-year-old girl.

Alex Ewing, 60, was found guilty on all counts Friday by an Arapahoe County jury, the Denver Post reports. The verdicts come after DNA evidence pointed to Ewing as a suspect in the long unsolved murders.

Prosecutors alleged that Ewing used a hammer and knife to kill Debra Bruce Bennett, 27, his wife Debra, 26, and their daughter, Melissa, inside the Bennetts’ Aurora house. Another girl, Vanessa, 3, was seriously injured but survived.

Ewing’s lawyers argued that the prosecution’s evidence had been tainted over decades and that one person could not have committed the crime.

Ewing was identified as a suspect in 2018 through DNA evidence while in prison in Nevada, where he was convicted of attacking a couple with an ax handle in their bedroom. The results of a DNA sample taken from Ewing were linked to DNA developed from evidence collected at the scenes of the Colorado murders.

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Ewing is also charged with the murder of Patricia Louise Smith in Lakewood, another suburb of Denver, about a week before the Aurora murders. His trial in this case is scheduled for October.

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