Fans protest Oakland A’s move to Nevada

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – You may know them as Oakland 68, a group of Oakland A fans who sit in left and right field with music, flags, supporting the team.

Well, the group is deeply concerned about the possibility of the A’s leaving Oakland and decided to protest in a recent game.

The signs read: “Keep on fighting”, “Yes, July 20”, “Enlist in Oakland”. These posts are from the loyal Oakland A fan group.

“We are a group of right-field and left-field A fans,” said Jorge Leon.

The number 68 represents the team’s 68th season and its first season at Oakland.

Oakland 68 president Jorge Leon said the team hung the banners in Tuesday’s game against the Astros to protest the A’s organization exploring out-of-town stadium options.

Haaziq Madyun from KRON4: The A just said openly, we are actively looking in Nevada. Talk about the emotional impact on you.

Jorge Leon: Oh man! First and foremost we’re A’s fans and we’re all about Oakland town and our team, you know the players, the A’s. So it’s very hard to see this news again. It makes us a little depressed. We still support them. We still want them to build that rough stadium in Oakland.

Madyun: You said you want the A’s in Oakland, Howard Terminal, Coliseum, just keep the A’s in Oakland. Is that your main goal?

Leon: It’s correct! But we really want Howard Terminal to see this city become the world class city it deserves to be and we deserve something big like this.

However, not everyone agrees with building a stadium on the waterfront.

Opponents of the Howard Terminal site say it will impose infrastructure costs on Oakland taxpayers for a new stadium and development complex that will negatively impact the seaport.

On July 20, Oakland City Council scheduled a vote on the rough proposal.

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