‘I just don’t like shit,’ Las Vegas mum tells teen who told her to read explicit content in class

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A video recorded at a recent Clark County School District (CCSD) meeting has gone viral and an investigation is now underway.

Kandra Evans appeared shaken as she appeared before the CCSD board of directors last week. She claimed her daughter was upset about what her high school teacher asked her to memorize and say out loud in front of her class and shared some of it with the board.

“I don’t love you. It’s not you. I just don’t like d—or any d—in this case, Evans read in her daughter’s essay.

CCSD board members quickly stopped public comment on the explicit language and the microphone was turned off.

After being blocked from speaking, captured on social media on a popular TikTok page, Evans claimed that “adults can’t stand to hear this content, but they easily give it to kids at school.”

In the original SDCC stream, Evans is given time back to say how disturbed she was.

“We have juvenile pornography laws in this state, and they’ve been violated because of this posting,” Evans said.

SDCC officials said in a tweet that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the classroom assignment.

“Although we are not allowed to engage in a two-way dialogue, we would like your concerns to be taken into account,” a board member said during the meeting.

Evans said she didn’t want the teacher fired, but hopes that by settling the matter, the problem won’t happen again.

To watch the full video of the meeting, visit this link.

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