Las Vegas woman pleads Alford in connection with her husband’s death

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman has changed her plea more than a year after being charged with open murder in connection with the death of her husband.

On Monday, Emily Aiko Ikuta made the decision to plead guilty under the Alford decision to second-degree murder, according to court documents.

By signing the plea, she admitted that she would likely be convicted at trial.

The two sides agreed to a 10 to 25 year sentence in the Nevada Department of Corrections.

The incident took place on March 22, 2021, when Ikuta’s husband, Jourell Ng, was shot dead in his home.

According to police, Ng had an active live chat session on his computer. The person he was talking to heard what was happening in the background at the time of his death.

Ng died of an apparent gunshot wound at the couple’s apartment in the Southwest Valley.

When officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the scene, Ikuta told police that she had returned from walking the dog and found Ng on the ground with a gun next to him, and she had called 911.

During the investigation, inconsistencies emerged between the physical evidence and Ikuta’s account, according to a Metro Police warrant statement/subpoena report.

Police also found surveillance video from a nearby Ring camera that contradicted Ikuta’s claim that she walked the dog before finding the body.

Ikuta’s sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3.

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