Lawmakers need a moment’s pause on constitutional postponement

We don’t yet know if the upcoming special legislative session on property insurance rates will expand to include the gun lobby’s beloved constitutional carry. Many people believe that is what will happen.

However, whether it happens quickly or stays on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ to-do list, I guess we’ll end up being stuck with this law. DeSantis would love to have that checkmark on his resume when — oops, yes — he runs for president in 2024.

“I can tell you that before we are done as governor, we will have a signature on this bill, he said at a rally late last month.

Simplified, constitutional carry is the right to own and carry a firearm without a license or training. If you think that applies, old Bromide logic that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is…oh, you know.

Well, on Saturday at the Buffalo mass murder scene, there was a nice guy with a gun. Aaron Salter Jr. was a retired policeman working as a security guard at a grocery store when he was 18 Payton Gendron allegedly began his murderous and racist rampage.

Salter shot Gendron, but the shooter was wearing a bulletproof vest and fired back.

Gendron is dead.

Yes, everyone should remember him as a hero.

What does this have to do with Florida and constitutional carry?

Maybe more than you think.

Suppose the shooter entered a store in our state, but there was no security guard. He starts shooting, people panic and untrained good guys decide to save the day. Instead, they make the situation worse.

The thought of that possibility should give lawmakers a moment’s pause.

It’s bad enough when some people want to openly brandish their guns in public places, but constitutional carry takes that to a new level.

When people apply for a concealed weapons license in Florida, they are fingerprinted and undergo a background check.

If lawmakers eliminate these steps, it opens the floodgates to illegal purchases. Convicted felons, for example, generally cannot purchase a gun in Florida. If constitutional portage passes, the black market in gun sales will be hot.

However, you rarely hear that from the strongest gun rights advocates. They envision a world with a gun in every backpack and a backpack for every gun.

Take the state representative. Antoine Sabatinifor example.

“If someone wants to carry a gun for their own defense, they shouldn’t have to ask for permission from the government and pay money (for a license) for exercising their basic right given by God,” he said. Spectrum News 13 in Orlando.

A fundamental right given by God?

What church does he attend? The first bang-bang church?

Tell me, what part of the scriptures deals with constitutional postponement? I try to read the Bible every day, but I haven’t found this passage yet. I will continue to search.

Here’s one thing I’m sure of, though.

Guns don’t make us safer because guns are the problem.

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