Local owner frustrated by multiple accidents near and around his property

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – It’s a growing problem, turning into a nightmare for homeowner Greg Swindle as he counts the number of accidents happening around his home.

“I didn’t know the situation before I bought the house,” Swindle explained. “I had just left the army to join my kids and this was the house that was for sale, I didn’t know it was such a problem.”

On Monday evening, Reno Police responded to a crashed car in Swindle’s yard. The driver hit a wall, Swindle’s car, a trash can and a tree.

Accident of November 15, 2021 on West 7th Street(KOLO)

“Oh that’s the same thing that happened the last 3 times,” added Swindle. “Everyone is ignoring the coming bend or there are cars crashing into my yard. I park my cars this way so they don’t go through my daughter’s room.

Swindle has lived on West 7th Street for 4 years. He estimates the damage caused by these accidents at thousands of dollars. He says he even maintained the barricades the previous owner put in place to prevent cars from passing through his house and Swindle says he’s not the only one in the neighborhood with these issues.

“The neighbors right there coming off the turn have rocks right there and I believe someone died in their yard,” Swindle said. “There’s a city bus that went through the fence here, drunk drivers pass by here and storm off. There was a child who was hit here because it is a school zone.

The Reno Police Department tells us that the curve of the street and the speed are things to consider, and although they patrol this area regularly. The scam says it’s not enough.

“I contacted the mayor and they did a speed survey and the average was 10 miles an hour and I haven’t seen a cop here since,” Swindle added. “I spoke to the fire chief, they won’t put anything here to slow traffic because they say it’s an emergency lane. Well, all emergencies seem to be happening in my backyard.

Swindle says that ultimately he hopes the city will lead traffic mitigation measures in his neighborhood.

“I’m just counting the days until a kid gets hurt and it really scares me,” Swindle said. “I’m really scared it’s a kid coming out of elementary school or my daughter.”

KOLO 8 has contacted the City of Reno regarding the issue. Here is their statement:

“As you know from the findings of traffic engineering, this area of ​​7th Street is a primary emergency vehicle route, or PEVR, with a speed limit of 25 mph. Traffic calming devices such as speed bumps would hamper emergency response on roads considered to be PEVRs, which are plentiful throughout the city. We encourage you and your viewers to visit this blog post and watch the video for more information.

This area of ​​7th Street is also one of the areas most heavily guarded by the Reno Police Department (RPD), as the RPD has remained committed to strengthening law enforcement.

While Monday night’s traffic incident was unfortunate, it’s a great reminder to our community to slow down, pay attention to posted speed limits, and avoid distractions while driving. It’s all part of being a good citizen and a good neighbor.

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