McDaniels: Definition of “best player” changes by team

I recently talked a lot about the Las Vegas Raiders drafting the “best player available” in this year’s draft.

But what exactly did it look like for the Silver and Black?

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels broke it during the post-match press conference.

“I think once you make the decision to do it – I really think it starts long before the draft starts and you understand what it’s your – when you say that, what does what does that mean when we take the quotes, best player,” McDaniels said. “Each organization is going to rate these players differently, and we’re not all going to have the same ratings on the same players. We understand that.”

“We try to do our best to assess what the player would be for the Raiders. It doesn’t matter what they would be for any other team. It’s in our system, the way we saw the players, how we spotted them, how we evaluated them, how we would use them.

The Raiders stuck to their valuation for each individual player. This basically means that when the Silver and Black have made their draft picks, they are the best player available through their rating system and only their rating system.

“It’s the rank that was on that player, and there’s a lot of work that goes into each rank,” McDaniels said. “So when you trust the job and then you come to the draft and say, listen, the best thing for us is to add the best players we can.”

“If you understand that right from the start, the process itself is a bit simplistic,” McDaniels said. “I’m not saying that there aren’t guys with the same grade and that you have to make a choice, but when you really follow him and say to yourself, listen, you take the best players we graduated that we thought the whole year gave us the best opportunity to improve our football team.

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Each draft pick was made with the rating the Raiders gave them and how that player would improve the silver and black overall.

“That’s what we tried to do every step of the way, and I think we’re happy with that – look, every place our team is going to have competition,” McDaniels said. “Whether we drafted someone or not, there is competition in every place on the team.”

“I don’t care where. That’s what we tried to do in every place we could, free agency, draft. We will continue to try to do so.

As for the next step, McDaniels says general manager Dave Ziegler and his staff are already hard at work with college-less agents.

“Dave and his team are going to comb through the college free agent thing,” McDaniels said. “We’re going into the summer and we’re still going to try to do that. So it will never end. »

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