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Journalist, author and poet Rudyard Kipling was one of the most popular writers of his time.

His books and poems have had enormous popular appeal. Like many popular authors today, however, it was often looked down upon and ridiculed by some academics who considered it “too common” to have any real depth. One story goes that it was reported that Kipling, at his height, received 10 shillings per word for his stories. At that time, at the turn of the 20th century, 10 shillings was the average daily wage for a skilled craftsman. In South Carolina, it would cost around $ 200 today. Pretty good pay for a word.

Some Oxford students who did not think highly of Kipling sent him a letter. They said, “Dear Mr. Kipling, we understand that you are paid 10 shillings per word for your stories. We are just a bunch of poor Oxford students, but we were able to collect the 10 shillings included. Please send us your best word. A few days later, the students received an envelope from Rudyard Kipling. There was a card with a note on it. He said “Thank you”.

Kipling was right. Thank you is the best word. Studies have shown that people who regularly practice gratitude are healthier, happier, have a more positive outlook on life, and tend to accomplish more than others. Positive things move them forward and negative things don’t hold them back. Physically, gratitude releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which makes you feel better. Relationshipally, grateful people have stronger friendships and those relationships last longer. Marriages in which partners focus on the things for which they are grateful are more fulfilling and have less conflict. Spiritually, gratitude promotes humility, peace, contentment, and bliss.

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