Nevada COVID-19 hospitalizations at record high

Clark County’s COVID-19 metrics remained relatively flat for the second week in a row as the Nevada Hospital Association reported a statewide “record low” number of hospitalizations.

The disconnect between state and county case totals for Clark County continued, with the state reporting about 1,000 new cases for Clark County over the past week. The county’s two-week rolling average of daily new cases rose slightly to 98 from 91 last week.

For weeks, the state Department of Health and Human Services and the Southern Nevada Health District showed different totals for the county. That’s because the health district includes reinfections, while the state does not, and because of misreporting that officials say contributes to the disconnect.

Although officials said they were working to correct the discrepancy, there is no timeline. The state announced on Wednesday that it was canceling press briefings that were previously scheduled every other Thursday.

The county reported more than 150 new deaths in Wednesday’s report, but the two-week rolling average of daily deaths held steady at one.

State agencies report deaths when notified, and many of the new deaths reported have not occurred in the past week. The county has reported 8,355 deaths since the pandemic began, according to numbers from Wednesday’s report.

As has been the case for weeks, the number of people hospitalized with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the county continued to decline, from 111 last week to 87.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed Clark County continued to be at the “low” level of community transmission, with a case rate of 37.1 per 100,000 people. That was below the 39.4 reported at the same time last week.

State and county health agencies often redistribute daily data after it is reported to better reflect the date of death or symptom onset, so moving average trend lines frequently differ from daily reports and are considered better indicators of the direction of the epidemic.

During that time, the state reported about 1,000 new cases, bringing the cumulative total to 661,202. The state also reported an increase of about 180 deaths, but only two of them actually occurred during from last week, according to state data.

The two-week rolling average of new daily cases rose by five, to 119.

Hospitalizations also fell, from 126 last week to 104.

“COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to decline across Nevada, reaching record highs,” the hospital association said in its weekly statement. “Statewide, the number of COVID patients requiring ICU-level care is only 17 people. No COVID cases require hospitalization in the rural region (96,000 square miles). »

As of Wednesday, state data showed 57.13% of Nevadans five and older were considered fully vaccinated, compared to 56.47% in Clark County.

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