Nevada Gaming Commission member Deborah Fuetsch resigns

Posted on: May 19, 2021 at 11:59 am.

Last update on: May 20, 2021, 8:08 am.

Nevada Gaming Commissioner Deborah Fuetsch has resigned from the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). This is the latest of several recent turnovers among the two state boards that regulate gambling.

Fuetsch can become a consultant
Deborah Fuetsch, member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, pictured here. She left the commission this week. (Picture: Las Vegas Journal-Review)

In a letter to Gov. Steve Sisolak, D., on Tuesday, Fuetsch announced his resignation from the five-member commission, according to the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

“It has been a real privilege to serve the state as a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission for the past five years,” she said. “When Governor (Brian) Sandoval asked me to take on this role, I knew it would be a challenge like no other in my career. I sincerely believe that I have performed my duties as a regulator with honesty, integrity and independence. “

She can become a consultant in the gaming industry after a break with the sector, the Journal mentionned.

I hope to get back into the industry one way or another, I’ll have to see how it goes, ”she was quoted by the newspaper. “I love the industry, I love the people, and I think there is so much going on right now and I think a year off for me will be good on a personal level for me to take decisions.”

Fuetsch involved with NGC during pandemic

Fuetsch was involved in NGC surveillance of casinos during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also influential as the NGC considered the use of cashless betting systems at state gambling properties.

Fuetsch was the only NGC member from northern Nevada, according to the Journal. Fuetsch was previously senior vice president of Wells Fargo bank in Reno.

She was first appointed by Sandoval in 2016. She was reappointed a year later. So far, it is unclear who could be appointed to replace her at the NGC.

Last July, Ogonna Brown – a partner in the Las Vegas office of law firm Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie – was appointed to the NGC, occupying a previously vacant seat.

At that time, veteran commissioner John T. Moran Jr. was also appointed commission chair by Sisolak, after several months as interim chair.

NGCB also sees the changes

Also, last month, Nevada lawyer Brittnie T. Watkins was appointed to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

Watkins replaced Terry Johnson, who was a member of the NGC for two terms. He is also a lawyer in Nevada.

The appointment of Watkins represents yet another change in the makeup of the NGC. Johnson remained at the NGC for several months after his second term expired on Jan.29 due to multiple transitions, according to the Nevada Call newspaper.

In November, Sandra Douglass Morgan resigned from the NGC presidency. She was replaced by J. Brin Gibson. He remains president.

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