Omega Mart’s iconic mobile billboard

Las Vegas Weekly Staff

It appears to be an ordinary grocery delivery truck, but like everything Omega Mart, There are things that the eye cannot see. Meow Wolf Las Vegas‘ new award-winning mobile billboard captures the vibe and innovation you’ll find at Omega Mart itself.

It’s a must-have advertising force on the Strip, with unique visuals and the hidden Easter eggs the Meow Wolf creative team is known for (go ahead, call the number on the side of the truck to report any activity unusual – 702-505-8957).

The mobile billboard also features a built-in replica of Omega Mart’s Cooler Portal, a replica Double Helix slide from Meow Wolf Las Vegas, and three Daikon Pals escaping from the cab of the truck. Additionally, the billboard wrapped in Omega Mart’s eye-catching store brand, has several motorized features, including a spinning 3D tomato and a larger-than-life hand demonstrating Omega Mart’s P-2000 Cracker Spackle Product. There is an external stereo sound system and the ability to emit fog. There is a hidden door for product sampling during special events. There is an Infinity Melon facility. And more.

It’s one more element of the Meow Wolf universe that has to be seen to be believed.

Check out the billboard on Las Vegas Blvd., or go straight to the source – get tickets to explore Omega Mart here.

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