QAnon supporters gather in Las Vegas and politely embrace conspiracy theories

The Patriot Double Down convention brought supporters of the obscure QAnon group to Las Vegas over the weekend, but those looking for a rowdy MAGA rally were disappointed.

The conference, hosted by The Patriot Voice, drew around 200 people to the Ahern Hotel located off the Strip.

“They also had Make America Great Again flags and a lot of anti-Democrat flags, but it was pretty quiet,” said Christopher Alvarez, Nevada state producer. “They said hello to us with a big smile.”

Attendees heard from some of the nation’s foremost conspiracy theorists, including Ron and Jim Watkins’ father-son team. Ron Watkins is believed to be “Q”, the mysterious person behind QAnon. The group claims the nation is threatened by a cabal of satanic and cannibalistic pedophiles who operate a global child sex trafficking ring, which former President Donald Trump opposes.

Topics ranged from claims that last year’s election was stolen from Trump to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, being an inside job.

“There really seemed to be an interest in the ideas,” said Dave Berns, another producer from the state of Nevada. “Whether or not our listeners agree with these ideas does not detract from the sincerity that was there. You could really smell it in the room.

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