Reno High’s Adia Walker, rising star on the basketball court

Trying to find the next big basketball star in northern Nevada? Remember the name Adia Walker.

“A great work ethic,” said Walker’s coach Eathan O’Bryant of Nevada Basketball Academy. “I mean, she’s one of those kids, if she could sleep in the gym and go to school in the gym, she would be that kid that would live in the basketball gym. This is how much she loves basketball.

A rising junior at Reno High, Walker fell in love with basketball early on and wants to see how far she can go if she puts everything she has into it.

“How much work I’ve done, like being in the gym everyday, traveling to California because California has better competition, the better the competition you play, the better you are,” Walker said.

While juggling being a full-time college student and playing basketball for his high school, Walker also plays for the Nevada Basketball Academy and the Cal Stars. She travels the country competing in tournaments throughout the year and has recently competed in tournaments in Louisville and Chicago. She has events this week in Roseville and Orange County.

“I had a lot of good players who came into the program and played Division I basketball at the highest level,” said Bryant. “And they all sort of have the same thing. A lot of people say they have the “it” factor. That’s right, but these are the kids where you can train them hard, you can push them and they always come back to the gym. They always come back for more. So as a coach you test them that way. And those who keep coming back and asking for extra time in the gym, they are the ones who are successful. And she has the same pedigree as those children of the past. “

Walker has played basketball for more than half of her life and says that looking into the near future, she would like to continue her career at the college level.

“To play DI at a school somewhere preferably close because I love my parents and I love being close to them,” Walker said of his goals.

Besides playing for multiple teams, there is one more thing, according to Walker, that has boosted his performance.

“I played a lot with boys,” Walker said. “It’s harder to have the ball on you all the time because they’re always on you and you have to really gain respect so you don’t have a lot of the ball. If you’re consistent enough to pass the ball and move around and all that sort of thing, they start to trust you more and that’s where you get your game. “

While dedicating her life to gambling, she is grateful to have a supportive family.

“Just my parents,” Walker said. “They work so hard and they’re so amazing and they’re so supportive and everything. I just like that I want to be so supportive, like one day if I ever have a child “

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