Rolling Stones’ No Filter Stop Brings Kinetic Energy to Vegas

It wasn’t your father’s Rolling Stones concert on Saturday at Allegiant Stadium. Damn, it wasn’t your dad’s daddy’s Rolling Stones concert.

But it was pretty close.

The Stones – barely six decades after making music and hosting concert halls around the world – stopped by Las Vegas on their “No Filter” tour – their first gig here for two dates in the fall. 2016 at T-Mobile Arena.

And as they have done for most of the last half century and beyond, the Stones wowed audiences with their familiar blues-inspired classics including “Honky Tonk Women”, “Sympathy for the Devil”, “Paint it” Black “” Miss You “and” Start Me “. They sprinkled with a new tune, “Living in a Ghost Town”.

The “world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band,” but for “Ruby Tuesday” – selected by fans in a “roulette ballad” vote before the concert – stuck to their bread and butter .

Leader Mick Jagger, two years of heart valve replacement surgery and two years under 80, continues to challenge age. The voice of the Stones sometimes picked up and played guitar or blew on a harmonica. But at all times, he used the entire stage, which occupied the width of Allegiant’s southern end area and included a walkway in the middle that stretched about 35 yards into the audience on the ground.

He jumped, strutted and ran for most of the set, only leaving the stage briefly when Stones co-founder Keith Richards performed a pair of songs, “Connection” and “Happy”. Otherwise, Jagger was his usual high-energy self. His kinetic movements were matched throughout the night only his dizzying change of shirts and jackets – blue, black, red, pink, green, orange, purple, some plain, others dazzled.

Richards and Ronnie Wood, even as the lines of their faces become more pronounced, continue to prove their worth as royalty of rock guitarists. Wood played the chords on “Living in a Ghost Town”, which Jagger called the Stones song “lockdown”, and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

As if the night needed more energy, Richards leveled up when he riffed the familiar overture to “Jumping Jack Flash”.

Wood may have had the nightgown: a yellow beauty with the words “Tumbling Dice” displayed in red on the right panel and accented by red dice on the cuffs. Wood, of course, revealed the shirt during the song of the same name.

But the night wasn’t just about the three remaining pillars of the Rolling Stones. At the start of the concert, a tribute was displayed on the four giant floor-to-ceiling LED video columns behind the stage with footage of the band’s famous drummer Charlie Watts, who died just under three months ago at the age of 80 years old. Ensemble song Jagger dedicated the night to Watts and noted that the North American portion of “No Filter” interrupted by COVID was the first time since 1962 that “we haven’t toured without him.”

Steve Jordan, who in addition to playing drums with house bands on “Saturday Night Live” and “Late Night with David Letterman,” and had a long musical relationship with Richards, set the pace for the skins.

Bassist Darryl Jones was solid and his extended solo on “Miss You” was powerful.

Sasha Allen, who provided backing vocals throughout the night, brought the house down when she performed center stage with Jagger on “Gimme Shelter” during the encore.

Jagger and Richards shared some thoughts with the audience on Allegiant Stadium, the newest and largest concert hall in Las Vegas.

Jagger, like many tourists, noted that he had yet to realize that the Allegiant Stadium was actually “in a place called Paradise.” Who knew heaven looked like this? Seven football games a year, Garth Brooks and the Raiderettes.

Richards said it was “great to be back” in Las Vegas. “A new seal too. Not bad.”

The Stones called it a night after “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” their 19th song, after spending nearly two hours on stage.

It could have been short for the group in Grandpa’s time. But any night you can sing and dance with the Rolling Stones, it’s nothing but a win.

Rolling Stones Setlist

“Street fighter”

“It’s only rock’n’roll (but I like it)”

“19th nervous breakdown”

“Falling dice”


“Ruby Tuesday”

“You can’t always get what you want”

“Living in a ghost town”

“Start Me Up”

“Honky Tonk Women”



“I miss you”

“Midnight hiker”

“Paint it black”

“Sympathy for the devil”

“Jumpin Jack Flash”


“Give me shelter”

“(I can’t get) satisfaction”

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