Scam leads to theft in Henderson

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) – The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a theft under unusual circumstances.

MPs received a call saying a man approached a couple at their house to chop down trees in their backyard.

The couple told police the man came inside to discuss it further and made it a point to go to their kitchen.

Inside, he had the couple sit at their table, their backs turned to the front door.

Eventually, the couple said the man said he had to get back to his vehicle.

Next thing the couple knew, the man was gone and several pieces of jewelry were missing, presumably stolen by a second person.

Henderson County MP Matt Brooks told 14 News the couple explained that they feel suspicious and that in these situations it’s best to trust your feelings.

“For me, this is the time to start asking questions,” Brooks said. “When you have the feeling that something is wrong, that’s kind of my advice. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re uncomfortable with someone, especially in that type of environment where someone walks into your house and everything feels a little strange to you, you probably have reason to think that something is wrong. “

Deputy Brooks said the couple described the man as stocky, but was wearing a mask at the time.

He said if anyone experiences a similar situation where strangers may have approached you and your home suspiciously, authorities want you to call them so they can investigate.

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