Sisolak urges DA not to pursue charges after Las Vegas restaurant confrontation

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Governor Steve Sisolak has announced he will not pursue charges against a man who, according to video, insulted and followed the governor out of a Las Vegas restaurant.

Sisolak’s full statement reads:

I have asked District Attorney Wolfson not to pursue any lawsuits that may arise from the abusive and threatening treatment my family and I experienced at a local restaurant several weeks ago.

As a husband, I am outraged by ethnic slurs and threats against my wife. As a father, I can neither forget nor forgive the vulgar and foul language thrown at my daughter.

However, as Governor of this great state, I feel compelled to avoid further fueling, and at worst glorifying, the anger and violence that plagues our nation and our state. A trial, if it were to take place, would result in additional coverage and give this small minority of Nevadans more opportunity to spit their vile.

I ask our friends in the media to pay more attention to the thousands of acts of kindness and charitable endeavors of our many kind-hearted Nevadans, and to resist the temptation to broadcast, publish or print the few vulgar and disgusting acts. with a handle. Our children are taught in their schools and churches to be kind, we should be more focused to reflect that in our homes.

To practice what I preach, this statement is my final comment on this horrific incident.

Governor Sisolak

Video of the confrontation showed the man putting his arm around Sisolak and initially asking for a photo, before launching a rude tirade against the governor and his wife, First Lady Kathy Ong.

The man asked why Sisolak had gone out in public without security before a second man joined in insulting him, and the governor and his wife left the restaurant. The two men came out behind them and continued to shout insults, suggesting he should be hanged, video showed.

The restaurant is located at 10082 W. Flamingo Road.

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