Snooze, an AM restaurant opens in Las Vegas in 2022

Snooze, a Denver-based AM Eatery restaurant, plans to bring its breakfast and brunch dishes to Las Vegas in 2022. The breakfast chain with 50 locations nationwide occupies 4,256 square feet at Rampart Commons, next to North Italia and down to Eater 38 the Loyal Honey Salt.

Snooze takes over the former Pottery Barn Kids furniture and home decor store with a 100-seat dining area and 1,041-square-foot covered outdoor patio.

The restaurant is best known for its pancake list that changes weekly, with current holiday options such as pumpkin pie, orange cranberries, and a flight of three. One French toast option includes fresh brioche stuffed with mascarpone and topped with vanilla cream, caramel, fresh strawberries, and toasted coconut while another uses seasonal fruit.

A breakfast pie, shrimp and oatmeal, corned beef mince, drafts with toppings options and a sweet potato bacon mashup join Benedicts with chili verde pork, habanero pork belly and the crushed avocado. Breakfast tacos and burritos round out the menu.

Snooze serves Bloody Marys, mimosas, fortified cocoa, and a breakfast margarita to start the party as early as 6 a.m. every day.

The restaurant offered no delay at opening.

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