‘Tiger King’ star arrested for grand larceny in Las Vegas

“The Tiger King” Star Macha Diduk – who played Jeff Lowe hot nanny on the show – reportedly arrested for stealing expensive candelabra in a Las Vegas nightclub!

According to a police report on the incident, Masha was inside the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas when authorities saw a woman pulling a candelabra from a private dining room at a nightclub on the property. The incident happened in July and was not revealed until a few months later.

‘Tiger King’ Hot Nanny Busted In Las Vegas


Apparently, security cameras inside the hotel captured the nanny / model leaving the property and carrying the candelabra on her forearm as an accessory. As you can imagine, there are TONS of cameras in every nightclub and section of the casino – and authorities were able to match the missing property to the coin on her arm as she exited the area.

Security was able to get the name on a ticket used at the casino’s valet parking lot – and match the license plate to the vehicle owner, according to a report. Unfortunately, the “Tiger King” star was also stationed the same night in the area, and authorities were able to align the footage with the security camera of the incident. If you take a close look at an Instagram post from the same night, you can see that she poses with one of the club’s signature drinks.

Jeff Lowe’s nanny arrested for allegedly stealing from nightclub

The star of

Masha Diduk was detained by Wynn’s security and eventually arrested for robbery.

It’s worth noting that, given that the model / nanny was actually wearing the out-of-club item on her forearm, it looks like it could have been one of those things that all happened to us after a night out in Las Vegas. In other words, there is a possibility that all of this will be scrapped if the club reclaim their property and cooler heads prevail.

If you’re a fan of the show, Diduk stunned ‘Tiger King’ fans after being introduced as the nanny of Jeff Lowe and his wife, Lauren. According to the script, the couple met Masha in Vegas some time ago, while she was working as a model. Of course, fans thought the nanny job was just a publicity stunt for the show – but the team says it’s all legit. In April, the couple opened up about hiring the model as a nanny, saying they met her 4 years ago in Las Vegas.

‘Tiger King’ fans thought the hot nanny was a publicity stunt

The star of

At the time, Masha’s deal was to work part-time as the couple’s babysitter, mostly on weekends, at the Oklahoma Tiger Zoo. Masha claimed that work had dried up in Vegas due to the pandemic and that working for Jeff and Lauren was a good opportunity at the time, especially since it was about the TV show. Interestingly, she stood up for Jeff Lowe, claiming that he never mistreated animals while she worked for him.

From the model’s Instagram, it looks like she’s back in the modeling world, and I hope she has a really good lawyer in Las Vegas.

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