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LAS VEGAS (AP) – The director of the Las Vegas Metro School has said he is ready to consider retaining the post after the district council cancels its previous decision to fire him, but adds that ‘there are unresolved issues.

Superintendent Jesus Jara said in a statement Friday that he and his lawyer will review the Clark County School District Board’s latest action.

Jara also said he needed to determine if there was a way to stay while getting the assurance he called “” harassment and hostile work environment “will be eliminated.

With one member changing his stance from the Oct. 28 vote to oust Jara, the board voted 4-3 early Friday to reconsider his dismissal and then overturn it.

On October 28, the board did not provide a detailed explanation to approve the termination, saying only it was “for the sake of convenience.”

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After the termination vote, Jara’s attorney sent the board a letter saying he owed Jara over $ 2.6 million to pay off the remainder of his contract and settle other allegations, including those that said administrators created a hostile work environment.

Jara became superintendent in 2018.

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